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Spring has come to Berlin – and so will INES

A lot of inspiring discussions and ideas came up during the annual members’ meeting in February: organize networking evenings, prepare for the European election and engage with this years’ Magdeburg Symposium in May. Moreover, the relocation from Bremen to Berlin has to be formally implemented.

The INES board is looking forward to new projects in 2014 and encourages its members and friends to raise awareness about European topics and – of course – the European election. Why not conducting a poll at your university and publish your own election forecast on our facebook page?

INES Annual Assembly 2014_SW

Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin – INES is moving to Berlin!

After due consideration and some discussions the INES board decided that the International Network for European Studies will be moving to Berlin soon! This decision comes along with a couple of changes with regard to administrative formalities. Of course, no changes will be made regarding our aims and our mission – which still is to bring the European Union closer to its citizens and its youth. Our new address can be found in the website’s section Contact Us soon.

INES had a great time in the beautiful city of Bremen during the last 7 years. However, we are also very excited about our new future home and the upcoming possibilities for INES to get active in the German capital.

At the same time, we’re using this opportunity to update and to revise not only our website – which was attacked by hackers some time ago. Hopefully very soon you will be able to have access to all information and sections again. Moreover, we’re working on some new features for our website. Check us out!

INES meeting in Berlin on July 14th

On July 14th, a number of INES members came together in Berlin for another INES meeting this year. The main focus was put on the discharge of the board’s liability for the year 2011 which was granted by the present members at last. Apart from that, a thorough discussion on the proposed relocation of INES to Berlin took place and different channels of information such as the website and the Facebook profile were talked over and reorganized. Moreover, the postponement of the Green Economy project was announced and, finally, possible projects and initiatives for INES were discussed.

We thank all participating members for a productive and pleasant meeting!

INES at the Checkpoint 2010 of Youth in Action Evaluation

From the 25. – 26. January the “Checkpoint 2010” – a meeting for the evaluation of the programme Youth in Action in Germany for 2008/2009 – took place in Frankfurt/Main. INES was represented by Nicole Kaim, secretary and member of the board. Since 2007, our organization is engaged in European projects some of which have been funded by the Youth in Action. Last year, INES members participated in the evaluation process of the programme initiated by the Centre for Applied Science (CAP) which presented its first results at the meeting in Frankfurt. Participating at this year’s “Checkpoint” was crucial for us with regard to the realization of the successful INES project „The Brussels Democracy: Multilevel Governance and Citizen Participation“. In this context we were able to share the experiences we have gained as part of the programme “Participative Democracy” with other actors in European youth work. The fruitful discussions and suggestions will be helpful for realizing future projects with the Youth in Action programme.

INES Lecture Series: Climate at Stake – European Involvement in the Climate Agenda

will take place,

Thursday, 28.01.2010
6 pm, Room: HG 162
European University Viadrina

One of the key issues in the 21st Century is and remains combating climate change after an unsuccessful attempt at finding a comprehensive solution at the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen. As part of the INES Lecture Series at the Viadrina, Tilman Santarius (Advisor for International Climate and Energy Policy at the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung) and Dr. Jan Hoffmann (Climate Protection Legal Expert from the TU Cottbus) will offer their perspective on Europe’s global responsibility and opportunity through climate policy.

Jan Möller / Nathan Droesch

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