Beyond Religious Differences – One Week in Azerbaijan

The international conference dedicated to combating religious discrimination held in Baku and hosted by the Azerbaijani Ministry of Youth and Sport ended after a week of interesting discussions and workshops and resulted in the adoption of the ‘Baku Youth Initiative’. This document reflects the directions of joint activity of delegates as they seek to move towards the goal of countering all religious discrimination. It indicates projects and events to be held in the years to come. One of the proposed measures is to hold a further international conference focusing on religious discrimination in Kazan in December 2009.

The conference was organised by the Council of Europe, ISESCO, the Islamic Conference, and the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan. As an organization associated with the “all different-all equal” campaign, INES had the privilege to send one delegate to this new and fruitful conference.

“It was a great experience to meet young people from different CoE-countries, backgrounds and faiths. The workshops were constructive and the outcomes opened up new and exciting paths for future projects and conferences”, said INES-member Jennifer Schuster (School of Oriental and African Studies, London).

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