CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Seminar on ‘The Financial Crisis – a Turning Point for the European Integration Process?’ 01/29-02/02/2012 in Frankfurt‏

Dear members and friends of INES,
We are delighted to announce yet another exciting INES project seminar. This year, we will travel to Frankfurt (Germany) to explore one of the most prevalent topics in Europe at the moment:

‘The Financial Crisis – a Turning Point for the European Integration Process?’

The seminar will be held from January 29th to February 2nd 2012.

The excessive indebtedness of many members of the Eurozone has resulted in an enormous instability of the financial market. This does not only threaten the economic recovery after the financial crisis but also promotes a resurgence of nationalist tendencies all over Europe. Especially the young European population is affected. In the meantime, politicians implement far-reaching economic measures. However, what exactly are these mechanisms and instruments? Will they work out? Might this crisis even mean a step backwards for the European integration process?

The seminar will focus on these questions, in cooperation with its international partners and with generous support of the “Youth in Action” (YiA) programme of the European Commission. At first, an introduction to the topic will provide participants with a general understanding of the financial crisis in Europe. Furthermore, they will gain insight into the European Union’s solutions and attempts. Participants will also be brought together with the European Central Bank, NGOs, political and other actors within the financial market. The role of the media as well as civil society during the crisis will be of equal interest for this seminar.

The participation fee is € 100 (€ 80 for members of INES, Citizens of Europe e.V., Magyar ENSZ Modell Diákegyesület, Studentenschaft der Ándrassy-Universität Budapest and Compass Európai Ifjusági Közösségért Egyesület). INES is striving for equal opportunities for applicants from all backgrounds. If you feel that you are unable to pay the full participation fee, please make a note in your registration form including a short statement explaining your reasons. There is a possibility to reduce your fee to € 50. All cases will be treated strictly confidential.

The fee includes accommodation, 2 meals per day and all scheduled visits. Moreover, 75% of travel costs will be reimbursed upon presentation of original tickets and boarding passes. Important: Please do not make travel arrangements before we have finally confirmed your participation. Also, please note that you are required to attend all parts of the seminar, from the arrival until the departure day.

Sounds interesting? Then just fill out the application (see form attached) and email it to financial-crisis(at) by Monday, December 26th, 2011. Due to a limited number of places, there will be a selection based on the information provided by applicants. Please note: You have to be between the age of 18 and 26 and have your registered residency in a YiA member partner country.
We are looking forward to an interesting and stimulating seminar in Frankfurt with you!!!

Best regards,

Ole Hilgert, Treasurer of INES

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