General Assembly, 29 November 2008 in Hannover

The General Assembly for the year 2008 took place in Hannover on 29 November 2008. In the beginning a thorough report on the past activities was given by INES Chair Erik Breves.

Besides taking care of the administrative issues, which – just as in the previous year – had consumed a lot of the capacity of the board members, the emphasis could be shifted in favour of the organization of more content-related projects. The theme day on “Current and Future Challenges of the Western Balkans” with Hans Koschnick, Marieluise Beck M.P. and many more interesting speakers, as well as the 2008 Lecture Series “Questions on Europe” or orientation weeks for new students of European Studies in Bremen and Magdeburg were named as examples.

The network has also seen a considerable growth in size with new members signing up continously and new regional groups being established or revived in Magdeburg, Hannover, Konstanz or Maastricht.

Several new partnerships and co-operations could be formed, e.g. with the Centre International de Formation Européenne in Nice, the Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg or Café Babel (a European online magazine). In addition to that numerous project-based partnerships with different NGOs throughout Europe were started.

Both of the functional bodies of the network have grown as well. With Prof. Dr. Gudrun Goes and PD Dr. Matthias Waechter we were able to welcome two new members to the Advisory Council. Katharina Ewert was elected to the board, while the old board members were confirmed in their posts.

The programme was rounded out by a visit to the local Christmas Market and a toast to the future: Let’s hope that the next year will be just as successful!

The official minutes of the assembly can be obtained from the Board.

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