INES at the Checkpoint 2010 of Youth in Action Evaluation

From the 25. – 26. January the “Checkpoint 2010” – a meeting for the evaluation of the programme Youth in Action in Germany for 2008/2009 – took place in Frankfurt/Main. INES was represented by Nicole Kaim, secretary and member of the board. Since 2007, our organization is engaged in European projects some of which have been funded by the Youth in Action. Last year, INES members participated in the evaluation process of the programme initiated by the Centre for Applied Science (CAP) which presented its first results at the meeting in Frankfurt. Participating at this year’s “Checkpoint” was crucial for us with regard to the realization of the successful INES project „The Brussels Democracy: Multilevel Governance and Citizen Participation“. In this context we were able to share the experiences we have gained as part of the programme “Participative Democracy” with other actors in European youth work. The fruitful discussions and suggestions will be helpful for realizing future projects with the Youth in Action programme.

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