INES Orientation Weeks in Magdeburg and Bremen

Planning the first days at university is confusing. Therefore, the new European Studies arrivals at the University of Magdeburg could expect an exciting orientation week organized by the INES Regional Group in Magdeburg. Starting on Wednesday 8 October, after an official welcome event, the new students enjoyed an entertaining INES campus rally. Later, an INES information event on Thursday answered I wide range of students’ questions and helped to share personal experience. In order to facilitate getting to know each other, INES offered tours of Magdeburg nightlife every night through.

On Friday the new students were asked to participate in a European simulation game, intended to personally experience the challenges regarding an enlargement of the European Union. Since the new students needed all their energy for the next semester, we continued with a delicious brunch on Saturday and offered a relaxing guided tour on Sunday. During this week, the new students had the opportunity to obtain some useful advice regarding their studies on the one hand as well as an insight into the work of INES on the other.

One of the events for students of European Studies and Political Sciences during Fresher’s week at Bremen University was also organized by our network. On Thursday Oct. 16th, INES invited freshers to a Pub Quiz where they had the chance to proof their proficiency in a variety of Europe-related aspects. We would like to thank the participants as well as the EuropaPunktBremen and the representation of the European Commission in Berlin for providing various prizes!

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