INES Partner of the YES-Parliament 2007

Every year about 450 European exchange students who have spent their exchange year in another European country are invited to participate in the YES (Young Europeans’ Seminar). This event offers a unique opportunity to gather all exchange students in Werbellinsee, Germany for five days.

At the end of the seminar there will be a big youth Parliament discussing the question, whether Islam should be introduced as a regular subject in public schools or not. This year, INES will be the partner of the Parliament.

We are proud that the YES 2007 takes place under the patronage of Dr. Lale Akgün, MP in the Bundestag, the Lower Chamber of the German Parliament.
Born in Turkey, Dr. Akgün immigrated to Germany at the age of 9. She studied psychology and medicine, and served in juvenile welfare services and family consultation in Cologne.
While building up a center of immigration (“Landeszentrum für Zuwanderung”), Dr. Lale Akgün was continuously confronted with matters of migration, integration and social equality.
As a member of the German Parliament, Dr. Lale Akgün has been assigned to Islam-concerned issues of her party (Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD).
The Parliament will be presided by YFU-volunteer Elise Plissonneau and INES-Chairman Erik Breves.

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