INES Regional Group Viadrina – Frankfurt (Oder) / Slubice

We are pleased to annouce the creation of the new INES Regional Group Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) / Slubice.

As students of the the Master of European Studies degree program at the European-University Viadrina and based upon the desire to bring our individual backgrounds and experiences to these studies, we would like to pool together our interest in Europe’s historic, cultural, political, legal and economic diversity. Through personal contacts, practical work and projects we hope to tap into new and enriching experiences in the European integration process. What is more, we are greatly looking forward to closely working together with the INES Berlin Regional Group and to participating in INES nationwide events. In addition, we are excited about being able to extend the INES network to our strategic location on the German-Polish border.

Frankfurt (Oder), 09 June 2009

Jan Möller
Annegret Schneider
Nathan Droesch
Karoline Grübe
David Schlösser
Stefanie Bröcker
Svenja Heinecke

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