It’s time to say “Goodbye”

Dear friends of INES,

it all started as a student initiative back in 2006 in Bremen when students of political sciences, European studies and other academic backgrounds decided to found an association to promote the European idea among citizens. The “International Network for European Studies” saw its basis in the academic sphere acknowledging the rise of a new research discipline all over the world, with the notion of “Europe” being at the heart of the debate.

However, from the beginning it has been much more than an academic circle. With intercultural workshops in Hungary and Romania, excursions and exchange programs on democracy and human rights in Strasbourg and Brussels, INES addressed important questions for the citizens of Europe. The independence of Kosovo and the consequences of the financial crisis were likewise topics of our activities.

Since 2006 – back then only experts knew the name of the European Commission’s president and the difference between the Parliament and the Council. The awareness has grown. Certainly, we have seen ups and downs in European solidarity, especially in the financial and refugee crisis. Besides all crises, the EU has been a success story, economically, politically, and culturally. Where on this planet are you able to find half a billion people with a variety of cultures, 24 languages (not counting all the dialects) living peacefully together for decades?

We truly hope that INES could participate in this process of “building a common house of Europe” as it was written in our mission statement. After ten years of work, we are closing the activities of INES on 31st December 2016, thanking everyone who supported the association and our ideas.

All the best,
INES board