Join the Magdeburg Symposium on “War. Peace. Europe.”

Current conflicts in our neighbourhood are questioning the EU’s ability to promote peace beyond its borders. This year’s Magdeburg Symposium is raising this question and invites all interested citizens to participate in discussions and workshops on Europe’s responsibility in the world. NGOs, politicians, and scientists are invited to participate in the programme.

INES is proud and delighted to offer its own workshop on “Promoting good working conditions worldwide”. We would like to discuss to what extent the EU’s industry and consumers are able to promote fair working conditions and environmental protection worldwide. Therefore we would like to simulate a political consulting process on the European Level with our participants.

The Symposium takes place from 12 to 14 June 2015 at the University of Magdeburg. The INES workshop takes place on 13 June at 4 PM.

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MD Taube