Mission Statement

Who we are…
INES is a network of young academics working in the area of European Studies and related disciplines, based in Northern Germany. The network started life as a group of motivated students from the M.A. Programme in European Studies at the University of Hannover and is currently in the process of expanding to cooperate with various European university partners.

“Europe: the house we share”. Taking this as our motto, we are interested in contributing to the further development and maintenance of our shared European home.

What we want…
We view the process of European integration as a tool for the promotion and sustainability of peace, progress and cultural diversity, and a chance to achieve social inclusion in Europe. Within the scope of our areas of interest we feel responsible for contributing to these aims.

INES rests upon its members’ commitment and ideas. Based in Northern Germany we operate in connection with diverse European universities. Aside from academic dialogue we stand up for explaining and propagating the European idea in society. Integrating many different stakeholders, INES organizes and facilitates manifold projects and events.

Last, but by no means least, we want to encourage all those involved in the construction of Europe to get to know and support each other. As a community of people interested and engaged in European Studies, the members of INES assist each other in many contexts, for instance in finding and choosing offers of education and employment. The spectrum of activities is topped off by diverse trainings and the promotion of publications. Our overall goal is to promote and support academic and professional transfer of knowledge and experience and to develop a common forum for young academics and potential employers.

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