One year of INES – the network is developing.

Today INES celebrates its first anniversary. We are looking back on a successful year. Many things have happened despite the administrative things that needed to be taken care of in the first few months after our founding assembly.

On 2 December this years’s General Assembly took place at the Leibniz University in Hannover.

First of all, the Board presented the annual report, outlining important results of the year 2007.

  • After being founded 15 December 2006, INES became an association under German law on 6 March 2007, registered in Bremen. A bank account was opened at the Bremer Landesbank as well as a post office box.
  • The Scientific Advisory Council was developed and counts 6 members belonging to the political as well as to the academic field.
  • As some time ago INES was recognized as a national organization by the Council of Europe, it became possible to nominate INES-members for different European events and conferences. Daniel Bloemers, for example, participated in the symposium “Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue in Youth Work” in Istanbul as well as in the European Youth Forum’s Debate on “Religion and Democracy” in Brussels earlier this year. Furthermore, INES acted officially as the partner and facilitator of the YES-Parliament during a seminar organized by “Youth For Understanding”.
  • One great success last summer was the realization of the “DURch Europa” project. Seminars and workshops for young people in Hungary and Romania were held with the focus on the European Union. For this event, substantial funding by the EU’s “Youth in Action”-programme could be secured.
  • Next year a conference on the topic “Future of the Balkans” is envisaged and has already entered the preparatory phase.

The reports were followed by the election of the board. Erik Breves (Chair), Daniel Bloemers (Vice-Chair), Joost Osmers (Treasurer), Nicole Kaim (Secretary) and Silvia Beyer (Assessor) all were confirmed in office. Yet, the board saw a reduction in size and will now be comprised of five members only in order to make communication and meeting easier and more effective. In March 2008 the board will hold a General Board Meeting to specify its tasks and projects.

Furthermore, an amendment of the Statute of INES has been brought on its way in order to be recognized as a non-profit organization.

In the near future

  • regional groups in Hannover and especially in Bremen should be enforced. New members should be recruited and more events and projects organized. There should be a location for regular meetings in Bremen, to enable a better communication between members and potential members.
  • New cities could be included into the regional network such as Magdeburg or Osnabrück, where universities offer interesting programmes of European Studies.
  • INES could organize study trips to the European Institutions in Brussels or to enterprises to enforce the dialogue with potential employers.

There really is no end to this list. INES lives because of members’ initiatives. The framework has been set. Now we are ready for action. We are looking forward to whatever lies ahead. Let’s go out and have a another successful year of 2008!

Best wishes for Christmas and a good start into the new year!

For the Board,
Erik Breves

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