Simulation of European Elections in Magdeburg

On the occastion of the current elections to the European Parliament, INES held an information day at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg on 4 June 2009. At a highly visible information stand, INES volunteers offered a wide range of information on Europe, the EU, the European Parliament, and the European Elections. Through an intensive exchange of experience, diverse kinds of information material and fresh muffins, a vivid dialogue was achieved. Also, in order to get students ready for the EU elections next Sunday, a sample election was prepared. All parties and associations which are running for the European Parliament in Saxony-Anhalt were listed on the ballots. In this way, a number of smaller associations particularly called the attention of many students for the first time. Nonetheless, most participants cast their votes for the established parties; among 141 cast votes, the Greens led the polls ahead of Social Democrats and Christian Democrats. Whether participants were more or less pleased with this result, every vote is important and some voters will now go to the polls with a little bit more of knowledge.

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