Successful Board Meeting on the Island of Norderney

From 11 April to 13 April the five INES board members met on the German Island of Norderney off the North Sea coast. After a short review of past activities, the board got together to draft new plans for the future development of the association. The choice of Norderney as location for the first board meeting in 2008 had been made on purpose. Even before our association was formally founded, a group of motivated students had met at this place in October of 2006 to exchange their ideas on our common project of INES. After this very successful get-together in the early days we expected a fruitful and interesting weekend in a relaxing atmosphere on Norderney again. These expectations did not fail, we have been successful indeed.

During the two-day board meeting two core questions, among others, constituted the main elements of our discussions: What activities may be undertaken according to the INES aims in order to proceed working for the ideas of the association and provide multifarious chances for our members? How to motivate more students from many different European universities to join the network at the same time?

Closer cooperations with universities offering study programmes with European specialisation shall provide our members with even more interesting information and perspectives.

In order to make INES grow, our ideas need to be spread through different channels. Students from all over Europe shall be motivated to get involved in projects, discussions and other activities at their universities. Based on its established structures as well as the INES members’ experience and knowledge, our association will be able to support interesting projects. So far, both, the coordination of content activities as well as further networking among students and universities will be the INES board’s top-level aims for the upcoming months.

Next activities will include a day conference on “European Perspectives of the Western Balkans” in Bremen, as well as an excursion to get a first-hand experience on European politics. In addition to that, further interesting trainings shall be offered to the INES members. More information may be obtained directly through the members of the INES board or by following the announcements on this website. In order to improve communication, a first issue of an INES newsletter will be published soon.

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