Successful INES Annual Meeting in February 2013 in Berlin

On February 2nd, the INES Annual Meeting 2013 took place in Berlin. Instead of conference rooms, the INES board had chosen a small Italian bistro with a very pleasant environment as the suitable venue. The first main item of the agenda was a report by managing INES board director Tina Kortsch on recent activities of the network. This includes, for example, the very successful project on the financial crisis in 2012, comprised of a 5-day seminar in Frankfurt and the follow-up event in Berlin with more than 20 participants in total; the participation of INES at a Universal Peace Foundation event in January 2013, and INES participation at a workshop on youth training, organized by Youth in Action. Following an overview on the financial situation of INES, the current board was discharged of liability of the business year 2012.
As the most important administrative agenda item, the members elected the new INES board. Tina Kortsch was officially elected board director of INES. Moreover, INES is especially pleased to welcome Ekaterina Ananyeva and Amy Gustafson as new members of the board! The last main item on the agenda was an outlook on planned activities of the newly elected board. INES vice chair Katharina Ewert presented an update on the preparation for this year’s planned seminar on Green Economy in Brussels. Similar to the seminar on the financial crisis, this project will bring together young students from across Europe to consider sustainability and the approach of a Green Economy to overcome the current EU financial and economic crisis and analyze its potential for European Integration from a social, economic and political perspective. The Annual Meeting agreed to put forward the effort to finalize a project proposal for funding over the next weeks. As the concluding agenda item, Anna Brüning, a young researcher on Green Economy and sustainability, outlined her views on the topics in a short presentation to the INES members.

As the project planning for the Green Economy seminar is ongoing, we would be happy for any input. If you are interested to be involved, send us an email: network(a)