The Brussels Democracy – What the Participants Think

In February, our very successful seminar “The Brussels Democracy” took place in Brussels.

Katharina Hill, 21, from Kiel/Germany and participant to the seminar, shares her experiences:

“First of all, I had an amazing week with all the wonderful participants! I barely only knew two of them before and felt as though I knew almost all of them when I went home. The size of the group was perfect because there were a lot of new people to get to know and not too many to be confused.

We visited so many interesting places and played a positively intense simulation but it would have been boring or not as memorable as it was for me without these great guys.

I had so many deep discussions with so many intelligent and individual personalities.

I even believe that if I could meet some of the people again, real friendships could develop. Which means that I’m looking forward to another INES-event!

And my wish or thoughts about studying European Studies have strengthened tremendously during that week in Brussels because all of these people that told me about their experiences and what exactly they study and about their plans for the future. I realized that I’m very like-minded and that I simply have to change my studies and start studying European Studies without any doubts!

So, in short: It was a great week to remember and I would love to meet these guys again!”


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